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Administrative discipline to ensure responsive governance.

Within a month of the proclamation of Governor’s Rule in the state, J&K has started witnessing a discernible turnaround in governance through prompt service delivery and proactive public outreach by the government functionaries.

Governor N N Vohra’s focus, during this period, has been on reinforcing administrative discipline to ensure punctuality, accountability, transparency, probity and responsiveness in administration.  A robust monitoring mechanism has been put in place at various levels in the administration to ensure appropriate and tangible action on issues of public importance and developmental concerns.

According to senior officers, the Governor, his team of Advisors and the Chief Secretary are focused on bringing in fresh vibrancy in the administration and infusing a sense of urgency into delivering on the good governance front. The goal is to deliver effective, people-centric governance with focus on ensuring time-bound and fitting response to the issues of public importance.

Immediately after it assumed office last month, the reinvigorated state administration led by the Governor embarked on two-pronged strategy of “Mission on Good Governance” and “Mission for Delivering Development”. The state’s administrative apparatus is being steadily steered and guided to deliver on these two key counts with focused attention.

“The present dispensation is conscious of the fact that the citizens come into contact with the government through public services more often than any other route, and the delivery of public services shapes people’s trust in and expectations of the government,” said a senior officer in the Governor’s Secretariat.

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