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Amend SRO-202: Student leader tells JK Govt

J&K’ government’s young probationers got support from an unexpected quarter today when Shehla Rashid Shora, former vice-president of the JNU Students’ Union lent voice to their concerns vis-à-vis provisions of SRO-202.

“It is extremely disappointing to see the manner in which the J&K government is taking a stubborn stand on the unfair provisions of SRO-202 which is turning non-gazetted employees into slave labour,” Shora said in a statement released to press here.

She said the government needs to listen to the genuine concerns of those who are opposing this new policy.

“First of all, a five-year probation period is unheard of. Probation period in the private sector is usually of three months, and, in the public sector, for a maximum of one year.

“Secondly, the only difference between employees on probation and full-fledged employees is that new recruits can have their services terminated if they are unfit for the job. There is no difference in pay grade,” she pointed out while adding that “it is shocking that the government intends to place new recruits on one-fourth the salary for five years.

“This is some modern version of ‘begaar’ or bonded labour. Such terms of employment violate the dignity of these educated youth,” the student leader said.

She said at a time when the coalition government is facing a Himalayan challenge of ending the alienation that it has caused among the youth, “it is surprising to see such arrogance toward the genuine concerns of people who do most of the work of ensuring smooth governance.

“To add insult to injury, this new job policy comes at a time when the legislators have doubled their own pay to a whopping Rs 1,60,000 – a shocking twenty-three (23) times the salary that these young recruits will receive for five years!” she pointed out.

She said while the legislators have expanded the employment benefits available to them, the employees on probation will not even receive TA, DA or HRA.

“Such disparity is unacceptable. I extend my full support to my fellow youth who are raising their voice against such injustice,” the former vice-president of JNU Students’ Union said from New Delhi.

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