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Assembly dissolution in violation of constitution: Soz.

Former J&K Congress president and the union minister Saif-u-Din Soz on Thursday said  that the Governor Satya Pal Malik had dissolved Assembly hurriedly and in contravention of the constitutional provisions.

“My assessment is that it was wrong on the part of the Governor to dissolve the J&K Legislative Assembly and not wait even for a little time to have a look on facts and figures,” Soz said. “The Governor was in Delhi for a purpose and he did what the Central Government imagined to suit it. Even the Chief Secretary was urgently summoned to render some assistance”.

Soz said it was a fit case for the mainstream political class in J&K, particularly for the PDP to agitate the matter before the Supreme Court. “The Governor says that he avoided horse-trading without sharing even a shred of evidence before the people. He should have resisted the temptation of believing that he happens to be the reservoir of knowledge on facts,” Soz said.

“The people of the state know fully that earlier, the J&K Assembly was kept in suspended animation and during that entire period, senior RSS/BJP leader Ram Madhav tried hard to shape a BJP led government in the state, but failed”.

He condemned RSS-BJP for raising the bogey of Kashmir mainstream being “terror-friendly.”  “They also tried to bring in Pakistan factor. Well, that is menace of a dirty propaganda which India’s Civil Society should reject with contempt,” Soz said.

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