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BJP can go to any extent to divide people: G A Mir.

President of the Congress party’s state unit Ghulam Ahmad Mir Friday said secular fabric of India was in great danger under BJP rule and that the ongoing general election is the best opportunity for the people to defeat what he called “communal agenda” of the RSS.

Mir, who is his party’s candidate from Anantnag constituency, was  addressing an election rally in the southern Kashmir district, according to a party statement issued here.Exhorting people to vote for Congress, Mir said victory for his party amounted to victory of secularism, unity and harmony.

“Defeat of BJP in the ensuing elections will go a long way in restoring confidence among the minorities in the country,” Mir said, according to the statement. “The BJP led government has alienated the minorities and other weaker sections living in the country on caste and religion basis.”

Mir alleged that BJP would go to any extent to divide people to remain in power. The senior leader claimed that Congress party under Rahul Gandhi would win the elections with a thumping majority.

“Congress was the only unifying force, shall continue to strengthen the bonds of unity, harmony and brotherhood in the country and the state,” Mir said. “The Congress party and people of the country will jointly defeat the nefarious designs of BJP-RSS to ensure that secular fabric and unity in the country was not harmed.”

Mir also reminded people of “misrule and mis-governance of PDP-BJP unholy alliance” during which hundreds of innocent people were killed, especially in southern Kashmir.

“Pellets were showered even on children and elderly persons,” Mir was quoted in the statement as having said.

“What was their fault? Their only fault was they voted for PDP in 2014,” he added.

Mir cautioned the people of south Kashmir about the political exploitation by PDP, saying the party has a habit of playing emotional cards from time to time to woo the voters.Congress party, Mir said stands guarantee to integrity and overall development of Jammu and Kashmir while having never discriminated with any region on political or religious lines.

“Our agenda is peace, development and equality shall continue to strengthen the people besides ensuring their safety and security,” the statement quoted Mir saying.General secretary of the party’s state unit, Hilal Ahmad Shah while addressing the gathering said that victory of Mir from Anantnag parliamentary constituency will boost the morale of the people in all the three regions.

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