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BJP favours ceasefire extension after Ramadhan.

Bharatiya Janta Party on Sunday threw its weight behind the extension of ceasefire in J&K but warned it should not be done “at the cost of innocent lives”.“We want ceasefire and peace,” BJP state president, Ravinder Raina, told Greater Kashmir. “BJP believes in peace and we want it should prevail in Kashmir.”

Raina said that the central government led by Prime Minister NarenderaModi was taking all steps to ensure peace in Kashmir. “Security agencies are also reviewing situation from time to time,” he said. “They are giving appropriate suggestions to government.”

The senior BJP leader blamed Pakistan for disturbing peace on border and hinterland. “We can’t remain mute spectators when innocent people are getting killed in shelling at border by Pakistan,” he said.

Raina claimed that the infiltration of militants from across the border had recorded a surge in recent past.

“Those people are sent here only to create disturbance,” he said. “The Kashmiris are  instigated from across the border to go for massive stone pelting during the holy month of Ramadhan.”

The BJP general secretary Ashok Kaul echoed his president’s line. “We want peace to prevail,”

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