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Central govt has surrendered before separatists: Civil society

Civil society members in Jammu on Sunday accused the Central government of “completely surrendering” before the separatist and pro-Pakistan lobby in Kashmir and said New Delhi could not be allowed to decide the fate of displaced Kashmiri Hindus and the people living in Jammu and Ladakh.The issue was discussed during a round table conference on ‘Common Threats-Joint Responses: Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmiri Pandits’, organised in Jammu. A joint declaration was also adopted by prominent members belonging to different social and political organisations.“The policy of the Government of India seems to have transformed into an internal support structure for separatism. This separatism is sustained as much through the incentives given by governments in the state and the Centre as well as support coming from across the border,” alleged Prof Hari Om, a historian.“We declare that we have not given any mandate to the Government of India to decide our fate. We also declare that subjecting Hindus, Buddhists and other minorities to the servitude of a particular mindset in the Valley is the ultimate anti-national act,” says the resolution passed during the day-long session.“Happenings in Kashmir leave no one in doubt that a fascist separatist movement continues to rule the roost there. This movement is seeking to take the entire state into its grip. There is a war-like campaign to make inroads in Jammu and Ladakh. An all out campaign to change the demography of Jammu and Ladhakh is on,” says the resolution.

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