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‘Civilian killings reflect government’s frustration’

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik today termed as rulers’ ‘frustration’ the ‘phenomenal’ rise in the civilian killings in Kashmir.

“The horrible rise in the innocent killings is actually a manifestation of frustration that the Indian rulers, their Kashmiri partners and the armed forces are suffering from,” Yasin Malik, in a statement today said.

He said the indiscriminate firings and showering of pellets resulting in killing of unarmed innocents and blinding of young boys and girls “is nothing but naked state terrorism.”

The Pro-India politicians who scream together on some ugly incident are seen silent on this continued “massacre and mass blinding of Kashmiris which speaks volumes about their hypocrisy.”

“Innocent Kashmiris are falling to the state terrorism of India and hundreds of thousands have and are being injured on a daily basis. On the ongoing killings, maiming, mass blinding, blasting and burning down of properties, incarcerating thousands under black laws like PSA, humiliating and beating Kashmiri youth on roads and other oppressive tactics are going on from last many decades but India by using these harsh measures has failed to contain or defeat Kashmiri resistance and struggle for freedom which is legal and based on genuineness and truth,” Yasin Malik said, added.

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