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Congress slams PDP for failing to revoke AFSPA

he Congress on Monday slammed the PDP regime in the state, stating that even after three years in government, the party has failed to repeal AFSPA from one single district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The State Congress chief, G.A. Mir said that the statement of the Army chief over the revocation of AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir has “exposed the PDP in a most ruthless way”.

“The PDP said after aligning with the BJP that it will revoke AFSPA and bring back peace in the strife-torn state. Now when even army has rejected its demand, what more it has in store to bully people?”Mir said.

The State Congress chief added that it was ironical to see the Chief Minster on the floor of the House praising Vajpayee and Modi as the “saviors” of Jammu and Kashmir.

“If the GoI is refusing to even make provisions of AFSPA milder, leave aside revoking it, what for is the chief minister praising Modi? If the security scenario is worsening in the state, why chief minister is still trying to hoodwink the people of the state by telling them all is well? The fact is that the PDP has failed on all fronts and revocation of AFSPA is one more feather in its cap,” Congress chief said.

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