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Death penalty for minors’ rape

Rape in itself is despicable in strongest terms, deserving legal action and even must be backed by social and religious ostracism. Raping a minor and in turns by gang of culprits, followed by mercilessly killing the victim deserves nothing less than extreme penalty of death. Such inhuman mindset is dangerous for the society and civilized living and deserves to be awarded “rarest of rare” punishment by the courts under fast track trials.
It is beyond one’s comprehension as to how bestial instincts can rob one’s discretion to this extent so as to making a child as one’s prey , the one who knows not, what and why an ordeal like rape was committed on her. The state of Jammu and Kashmir, until a few years back, would very rarely come across such heinous crimes taking place and therefore, such incidents need to be dealt with very sternly.
The Rassana, Hiranagar rape of a minor girl has deeply shocked people across the country and she needs justice, prompt, adequate and such, that the case, to put it in Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s words, “to be the last one of this nature.” The state Government is contemplating to bring in legislation to make death penalty mandatory for those who rape minors.
However, the political parties must desist from exploitation of heart rending heinous crimes like rape and killing of the hapless victim, that also a minor – just for petty vote banks, even if unfortunately the incident is given a communal colour too by them, to achieve that objective. That is simply unacceptable and wholly untenable.

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