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Denying ceasefire betrayal of Vajpayee’s political theory : Rafi Mir

Taking a strong note about ally BJP opposing ceasefire in the holy month of Ramadan, PDP chief spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir on Tuesday said that Ramadan ceasefire is a long term measure that would restore credibility of political process in the state.

In a statement here Mir said, “Political parties should admit that they have failed to convince New Delhi that it has failed the youth of Kashmir who aspire for peace through reconciliation.”

Mir said that BJP by denying ceasefire proposal which emancipated on sidelines of all party meet is betraying Vajpayee’s ideology of Jhamooriyat Kashmiriyat   and Insaaniyat.

He said, “Stiching an alliance with the BJP was not for power but to heal people.  New Delhi should follow the essence of Agenda of Alliance, which speaks about reconciliation, in letter and spirit. If it fails to implement AoA it would be darkest hour for democracy and would prove that New Delhi has a myopic approach vis-à-vis Kashmir.”

“Every responsible actor must understand that we have to treat militancy and not the militants. Any conducive peaceful confidence building measure that strengthens the political process or carries probability to restore peace and lost credibility of mainstream should be welcomed and carried forward,” he added.

“Mainstream political parties have worked in tiring circumstances to keep the hopes alive. These parties have lost thousands of political workers during all these years. Today the nation has a chance to reciprocate that with trust,” he said,

Mir said PDP’s model of reconciliation which was implemented by late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed is the only way forward to achieve lasting peace.  “PDP’s suggestive CBMs that were accepted in 2002 were a change maker and a ray of hope for peace in Jammu and Kashmir. Today New Delhi’s lack of vision has blinded them and robbed the Kashmir mainstream leadership of their credibility.”

He said that PDP would continue to bat for aspirations of people. “Our desire for peace should not be politicized,” Mir added.

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