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Education deptt, CUK at loggerheads over occupation of DIET building.

The school education department and the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) are at loggerheads over the occupation by the latter of a newly constructed building of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

The CUK is currently under the process of shifting to Ganderbal district. However, the occupation of DIET building by it has put the two departments at loggerheads.

Last month, a letter was sent to the vice-chancellor CUK by the principal DIET asking the varsity administration to vacate the building citing that the DIET office was functioning in a rented accommodation.

The DIET building constructed at the cost of Rs 5.86 crore was likely to be handed over to the school education department. “But the government instead gave it to the CUK,” an official said.

Meanwhile, registrar CUK in reply to the DIET principal Ganderbal’s letter has admonished the latter saying, “I fail to understand that how come a junior functionary of the state are authorized to reverse the directions and decisions taken by the then CM, Chief Secretary and legislators among others without authorization from your appropriate level. I am also wondering as to how could a principal of DIET through a notice direct Vice Chancellor of University to vacate the building (sic).”

The registrar has stated that the DEIT building located at Nunar was allocated to the university following a high level committee decision chaired by the minister for education “presumably” on the instructions of the then Chief Minister.

“You are a principal and should know that all correspondences in the universities are made with the registrar and in no circumstances should such a vacation notice be sent to a superior statutory officer like vice chancellor (sic),” the letter reads.

“I advise you to take up the matter with the relevant authorities in the state government and be extremely cautious not to repeat such adventures in future,” the letter reads.

Director school education Kashmir (DSEK) G N Itoo however said the DIET principal Ganderbal was authorised by the department to write the letter to the CUK administration asking them to vacate the building.

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