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Er Rasheed condemns MHRD’s decision to remove Kashmiri language from portal.

Condemning Union Human Resource Development Ministry for allegedly withdrawing Kashmiri translations from its language promoting portal “Bhsha Sangam” , AIP President Er Rasheed has said that the move is yet again an evidence that New Delhi doesn’t understand the sentiments and emotions of people of Kashmir.

In a statement here Er Rasheed said, “Citing the reason that a few Kashmiri Pandit scholars and journalists had objected to the script for the reason the version of the Kashmiri language was being used and spoken by Muslims in the Valley, is deplorable and condemnable. Rather trying to promote their mother language a section of Kashmiri Pandits has tried to create an issue out of nothing.

The fact is that a class of Kashmiri Pandits is often in search of opportunity to devalue and degrade the Kashmiri culture and traditions and is trying to give a communal color to everything that represents the real Kashmir. There can be nothing unfortunate than the fact that those Kashmiri Pandits who had objected to the Kashmiri script are in fact not Kashmiris but have left Kashmir at the mercy of guns and bullets and are enjoying a luxurious life and do play a Kashmir card only to defame the Kashmiri Muslims.”

He said, “This small bunch of Kashmiri Pandits has become like weeping boys and are fulfilling the designs against majority community in Kashmir”.

Er. Rasheed condemned the decision of HRD Ministry and said that the Ministry should have not followed the dictates of self styled Kashmiris who are least interested in promoting Kashmiri language and are getting indulged in communalizing even their own mother tongue.

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