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For BJP, alliance without it anti-national: Rana.

Taking a jibe at what he called “political hypocrisy of BJP”, National Conference provincial president Devender Rana Thursday said any political alliance in Jammu and Kashmir without the saffron party is “painted and termed in a split second as unholy and anti-national”.

“The moment BJP aligns with the PDP, it becomes holy and in the national interest but once other political parties like NC-PDP and the Congress come together for the larger interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the combination becomes anti-national and unholy,” Rana, according to a National Conference statement, told reporters on the sidelines of a function in Kathua.

In response to a question, he slammed the BJP and “its so-called national leaders” for “demeaning the role of National Conference” and described as hilarious “its philosophy of bonhomie with Peoples Conference chairman Sajjad Lone as pro-national act while others coming together becomes in a split second as anti-national”.

Rana termed the dissolution of Legislative Assembly as “murder of democracy”, saying the “sequence of events and urgency leading to the decision reflected desperation on the emergence of formidable 56-member strong alliance challenging the BJP”.

“BJP was in sheer dilemma; it wanted a BJP partnered government in the State which was in no way getting manufactured and seeing its grim prospect, all democratic norms and precedence were sent to wind and the assembly dissolved in a huff”, Rana said.

He alleged New Delhi had “employed all means to put in place the BJP partnered government in the state and this became hugely evident by the admission by responsible quarters about the prospect of horse-trading, coercion and intimidation. When such an admission is made by the constitutional head of the state, it becomes all the more worrisome.”

“While we will be expecting the details about horse-trading and coercion being made public, we laud the courageous lawmakers for not succumbing to pulls and pressures and remaining steadfast in their resolve to keep the BJP at bay”, Rana said, hoping that the people of the state would be “taken into confidence about the veracity of accusations of horse-trading and Pakistan factor”.

Replying to a question, Rana said that National Conference has been in the election mode ever-since the fall of the BJP partnered government.

He said the people have “realized the administrative nativity and political immaturity of the BJP that pushed the state to unprecedented crisis during over three years.”“The people want to forget that nightmarish era and support National Conference for giving the state a stable and strong government,” he said.

He said his party had been “consistently demanding the dissolution of the assembly after the BJP pulled rug from under the PDP led government because it believed that fresh mandate alone could steer out the state from the morass and the political instability”.



Rana termed as “most unfortunate” the reported remarks of Governor Satya Pal Malik that they get directions from Pakistan to boycott the elections. He asked the Governor to either prove the allegations or withdraw the statement.

“It is the most unfortunate statement coming from the constitutional head. If he has said it, he should prove it and if he can’t prove it then it is my request to him (the Governor) to withdraw the statement,” Rana told a news channel, in response to a question about the Governor’s remarks.

Rana, who is the NC’s provincial president for Jammu, said the statement was casting aspersions on “quality of a party like National Conference which has sacrificed its men for this nation”.

“If such a charge is leveled by the Governor against this party, I think it is the most unfortunate thing to happen. I request the Governor to prove this charge in public and prosecute National Conference if he has proof, or else he should withdraw the statement,” said Rana, terming the charges as a “very serious matter”.

“I once again reiterate that we strongly protest the statement from the Governor. We all in NC will take strong exception to statement of the Governor,” said Rana.

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