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G A Mir expresses surprise over tweet by Chief Minister

Reacting to the assertions of J&K Chief Minister mentioning that Prime Minister can truly exhibit the moral leadership by winning hearts and minds of people, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir today expressed surprise over the Chief Minister’s tweet saying that tweet is indicative of helplessness of Chief Minister, who has tried to invite attention of PM towards Kashmir burning due to the wrong policies of BJP at Centre especially the Prime Minister.
G.A. Mir said that it was the BJP at Centre under PM Narindera Modi, which is responsible for the Kashmir imbroglio refreshing the memory of Chief Minister about the attitude of the Prime Minister, who has never been concerned about the bloodshed in Kashmir.
People are well aware about the communal agenda of BJP exploiting people on religious lines in the country, the same methodology in being adopted in all the three regions of the State to grab power exhibiting the communal and fascist agenda of BJP RSS, G.A. Mir said.
G.A. Mir advised the Chief Minister to stop appeasing Prime Minister, as that, such tweets on her part, will not change the mindset of Prime Minister, reminding that it was the BJP, which is responsible for atrocities on minorities attributing fear psychosis to people, as a result they (minorities) in the country were feeling unsafe.
Chief Minister should not to justify her joining BJP RSS for the sake of power, the matter of the fact is that PDP led by Mehbooba Mufti cannot escape the responsibility of disillusionment and anguish among the people, for the fact, the betrayal and backstabbing of people by PDP will remain the cause behind deteriorating situation in valley.
Adding that Cow vigilantism, Mandir Masjid politics, polarization for electoral gains were the hallmark of BJP RSS, exploiting people of the country on sensitive issues for power, he added and said it would have been advisable on the part of Chief Minister, if she would have strongly urged Prime Minister to change his Kashmir policy and reach out to people to address their concerns.

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