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Government has neglected all regions of state: Omar..

National Conference working president Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said the PDP-BJP government had neglected the economic and administrative needs of all the three regions of the state while plunging the state into a dark period of political uncertainty and instability, reads a statement issued by party.

Omar Abdullah told a party convention in Leh that state’s economy was adversely affected due to the extension of GST to the state, an act that also eroded the state’s fiscal and political autonomy, the statement said.

All three regions of the state have been neglected by the PDP-BJP Government as it remains invested in dividing people to reap political dividends out of instability and animosity. All regions are witnessing astagnation in terms of development and governance as political uncertainty has become a hallmark of the present government,” the statement quotes Omar as saying.

Omar said people of the state have been betrayed and continue to be at the receiving end of anti-youth policies. “The extension of GST has dealt a severe blow to the state’s economy while eroding our fiscal autonomy which was vital to craft fiscal and taxation policies to meet unique challenges that state faces. Today J&K has no power to create pro-artisan, pro-farmer and pro-business taxation policies to provide a fillip to the State’s economy,” the statement reads.

The NC working president also expressed disappointment at the “failure of the state government” to raise the issue of exorbitant airfare with the central aviation ministry and said this was adversely affecting the state’s tourism industry.

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