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Govt harasses Pvt Schools on trivial issues: JKJCCPS.

Jammu and Kashmir Joint Coordination Committee Private Schools (JKJCCPS) has taken serious note of the harassment meted out to the schools by officials of various departments.
In a statement issued , JKJCCPS President Showkat Chowdhary said officials from School Education department along with Legal Meteorology, Consumer Affairs, Revenue Department have been harassing school authorities on trivial issues regarding sale of the books and uniforms brining bad image to schools.
Chowdhary said school management is facilitating the sale of the books on the advise of the parents for their own conveniences.
He said like any other commodity sold in the market, books are sold to parents as per the MRPs only and no parent is overcharged.
“School is only a facilitator between parents and the booksellers. They don’t have to earn any profit or commission from the booksellers as they are being accused of. If parents are overcharged or if they have any complaint, the Legal Meteorology department can take action against the bookseller or retailers or publisher as per the consumer protection laws,” he said.
“Parents also have their own choice to purchase books from any vendor in the market and they are not given any instruction by schools about purchasing books from any particular place.”
Chowdhary said over 90 percent parents of the students are seeking facility of sale of the books at one place and only less then 10 per cent parents make hue and cry.
“We have to take into consideration the wishes of the parents how they feel comfortable. The sale of the books at one place only makes things easier for the parents.”
JKJCCPS has urged government to take on board school associations along with the representatives of parents in resolving the issue amicably once for all instead of labeling them as extortionists which only harms education system here.
He schools make huge investment in the form of land, building, latest teaching aids only to provide quality education to the students so that they may only excel in academic but also compete with the best students in the world.
“Government should appreciate our works how we strive to provide quality education to the students but unfortunately the schools are being tagged as extortionists and their reputation is being unnecessarily harmed,” said Chowdhary.
JKJCCPS warned if government continues to harass private schools without resolving the issues amicably, they would be compelled to take some actions to which only government will be responsible.
“Despite continuous harassment, schools have only sought amicable solution for the benefit of the students and comfort of the parents. However, it seems government doesn’t want private schools to function properly and contribute to the quality education of the students, “said JKJCCPS.

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