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Initiate dialogue to resolve K-issue: JeI chief to India, Pak.

Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir chief Dr Abdul Hameed Fayaz today urged India and Pakistan to initiate meaningful dialogue with the real representatives of the people  of Jammu and Kashmir to find acceptable and permanent solution to the Kashmir issue.

“The resolution of this issue will prove beneficial for the crores of people living in the sub-continent and relieve the people of Jammu and Kashmir from all their sufferings which they are facing due to non-resolution of this issue,” Dr Fayaz said while addressing a meeting of Jama’at district heads and secretaries held at its central office here on Wednesday.

Reiterating JeI’s stand on Kashmir issue, Dr Fayaz said, “Jama’at wishes a peaceful resolution of this long pending human issue either in accordance with the UN resolutions or through tripartite talks, keeping the aspirations of the concerned people in view.”

“We express deep concern over the human rights violations being committed by the forces’ personnel throughout the Valley. We urge the human rights institutions and commissions to take effective steps to stop these violations.”

Dr Fayaz urged the party cadres to carry on the mission of Jama’at in accordance with its constitution and utilize every peaceful effort including the modern means of communication and organizing public gatherings to make the common masses aware of the real objectives of Jama’at which are human-friendly based on equality of every human being before the Creator without the discrimination of caste, color, creed or region.

He said, “Jama’at is carrying on its activities and programs peacefully with the main objective of establishing the system of justice based on inalienable divine principles and injunctions revealed in its perfect form upon the final Apostle of Allah, Muhammad (SAW). It (Jama’at) believes in the peaceful propagation of the message of Islam having no option for compulsion.”

He also urged party cadres to take proper care of the down-trodden class of the society and use every effort to provide them the basic necessities of life including education and health-care. He impressed upon cadres to help the destitute and poverty-ridden class of society.

“The overall performance and organizational activities of Jama’at were fully discussed at the meeting. The situation prevailing in the valley was also discussed threadbare,” the statement stated.

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