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Intense reactions on social media to Sehrai son’s decision to join militancy

The decision to take up arms by Junaid Ashraf Khan, the son of the top Hurriyat leader Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, has bitterly split the social media into his backers and baiters. Responses have thrown up a range of viewpoints which offer a glimpse into how people see the unsettling trend of the local youth taking a shine to militancy.
“The collaborators and their apologists blame anyone and everyone except for occupier when someone joins the armed rebels. If same reason is used, today it’s they who are responsible for Sehrai Sahib’s son joining the ranks. Didn’t they always unwittingly question resistance leadership about their children!! Junaid has slapped all of them hard. Unfortunately, by risking everything he had got (sic),” wrote Nasir Patiguru on Facebook.
In almost three decade long militancy in Kashmir the top Hurriyat leaders have often faced criticism for “propagating Azadi to others”, even though sons of second rung Hurriyat and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat members and top Jamaat leaders have picked up the gun in the past.
“All those in the mainstream, their brash spokespersons who have been questioning and questioning why sons of the separatists are alive, why they eat and drive, and why they study and get govt jobs, why they talk in English, today so innocently ask why someone has taken this shocking and sad step (sic),” senior journalist Naseer A Ganai commented.
On Saturday afternoon social media was awash with picture of Khan, in which he is posing with an AK-47 rifle, wearing a black cap and black jacket. The text on the picture describes that Junaid has “joined Hizbul Mujahedeen on 24 March 2018” with code-name Amaar Bhai.
GowharGeelani raised questions over Junaid’s decision and at the same time hit out at “provocateurs and beneficiaries”.
“Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. It was avoidable and totally unnecessary to prove professional grief minters, provocateurs and beneficiaries wrong? Sons of fidayeen anchors shouting ‘Siachenpejawanlarrahahai’ from top of their lungs in air-conditioned studios do not join the armed forces to prove a point. Why everyone in Kashmir seems to love a dead militant? A dead scribe? A dead poet? Have we lost respect for those alive and making meaningful contributions to society in hundred different ways? What has happened to US?” he wrote.

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