Labourers, children try to clear the muddy road connecting Keshwan village with Thakraie in Kishtwar district (L).

Students stay away  from a school building which mostly remains inundated in the rainy season at Keshwan village (R).

Candidate seeks advisor’s intervention

I  want to bring it into the notice of the concerned authorities that I had appeared for the written examination for the post of laboratory assistant at Government Medical College Srinagar under notification no.03-AHS-of 2018 dated  26-04-2018. The exams were held on   June 3, 2018. After 15 days GMC uploaded the general merit list. According to the list I had secured 80 out of 100 marks. But when I checked my answer key score it was 88. I approached the administrator at GMC and filed a representation to check my paper. When I saw my answer sheet I was shocked as I found tampering in my paper in various answers. That was not my handwriting. Also there was a correction in grand total. Instead of 88 marks the total was overwritten as 80.

Thereafter I requested the GMC administrator and principal GMC to send my paper to forensic lab for handwriting opinion. In the first instance the principal GMC and administrator agreed. I again visited the GMC after 10-days to know the status of my application but I was told that my paper cannot be sent to the forensic laboratory. The officials told me that they cannot help me. And they did not give any reasons.

I make a fervent appeal to Governor’s advisor to kindly intervene and come for my rescue.

Shabir Shah


Majeed Bagh colony without basic amenities

We the residents of Majeed Bagh colony Ganderpora Eidgah Srinagar are facing acute shortage of water in our locality. The reason is that the main pipe line is at the starting point of the colony and it supplies water through 1/2 inch pipe to the whole colony due to which we are suffering badly. Sometimes we get water for 3-4 hours and sometimes we have to wait for whole day.

On the other hand whenever it rains we face immense problems. We can’t come out of our homes as the water gets accumulated in pot holes in absence of proper drainage system.

We are just a few steps away from historic Eidgah and not more than 2 kms from the city centre and still we are not having basic facilities available in our locality. We appeal the concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter and resolve our problems as soon as possible.



Keshwan villagers left in lurch

We the residents of village Keshwan in Kishtwar district are facing immense hardships from 2013 onwards. Our miseries commenced soon after the Road and building department started constructing a road under centrally sponsored scheme PMGSY.

Had this road been completed it would have connected Thakraie and Keshwan villages. This road has been left incomplete. The huge potholes have turned into cesspools. This muddy water seeps into our homes during rainy days due to which our structures are becoming weak.

We have approached every single department but till date they have not paid any attention towards our pleas. We have also approached our MLA but he also couldn’t help us.

We appeal to the Governor N N Vohra to look into the matter and resolve our problems as no one seems bothered about our plight.



Ellahi Bagh witnessing pesky power cuts

Elllahi Bagh area in Srinagar outskirts is facing major power crisis for the past two months. There is 5 to 6 hours load shedding at anytime of the day and during night electricity is snapped for minimum 8 hours.

Officials of the power development department seem least bothered about our plight. Our area is fully metered and we pay hefty bills every month. But no one wants to tell us why we are facing pesky power cuts.


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