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JRL call

JRL calls for civil curfew, Shutdown

The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik  called for a complete shutdown and civil curfew on October 21 against the unabated braid-chopping incidents. “The braid-cutting incidents are an Indian ploy to target women in Kashmir through specially trained persons,” the leaders said. They said the decision was taken during a meeting on Thursday evening at the residence of Geelani at Hyderpora.They also appealed to the people not to harm any suspects and “instead hand them over to Masjid committees”. Meanwhile, Kashmir University (KU) has postponed all the examinations scheduled to be held on Saturday in view of the separatist call.

Last years statistics reveal the alarming state of attendance and highlights that the attendance of male youth aged 16-19 & 20-24 is less than 30%. This years statistics are predicted to be way lesser than 20% which once again puts J&K on the road to disappear, exactly as aimed by the seperatists. While their kin avail best of education and jobs the rest of Kashmir burns in illiteracy and frustration.
Kashmir doctors have confirmed that no chemical or toxic was found on alleged victims of braid chopping.
JK police has confirmed that non of the alleged victims of braid chopping had come forth for assisting investigations.
Most psychologists have confirmed that alleged victims of braid chopping are actually victims of self gratification and indicate revolt to existing social taboos.
Non of the alleged braid choppers caught by goons of Hurriyat and Pak agents have been implicated by JK police, not only because of their innocence but also because they established Pak hand in attempting to create law and order situation in Kashmir.
Now the question is; does Geelani Sahab hold knowledge about these braid choppers who as per him specially trained agents of GoI? If yes why is he hiding it from JK police?
Or is he again making a fool of gullible, innocent and simple Kashmiri? Is this band an attempt to gain back lost ground, by creating more graves of young Kashmiri youth?
Wake up Kashmir… rise against this tranny

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