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JRL calls for sit-in outside secretariat..

The Joint Resistance Leadership asked people to hold a peaceful sit-in at 12pm on Monday outside the civil secretariat till the “perpetrators do not agree to end the daily carnage”.

“Expressing strong resentment and anger over the bloodbath by the forces in Shopian, Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said  that the indiscriminate manner in which Kashmiri are killed daily has the go ahead from New Delhi that has given full authority to its forces  to empty the barrels of their guns  into Kashmiris at will,” a statement issued by the JRL said.

“This was again witnessed in Shopian today where five armed youth and more than five protestors were gunned down and dozens critically injuring with lethal pellets and live bullets. There is no remorse no regret by the perpetrators at these gruesome killings and in fact they are justified as if Kashmiris are not humans but serfs of India who have to be crushed and taught the lesson in servility,” the statement said.

The JRL said the protest strike will continue.Paying homage to the five armed youth, including a professor of Kashmir University, the leaders said that “repression and iron fisted policy of New Delhi with the support of local collaborators has forced educated and budding youth to take up arms . All means of peaceful protests or expression of resistance have been choked leaving the youth of Kashmir with the choice to pick up arms as a means of resistance against oppression which then leads to their martyrdom,” the statement said.

The JRL said New Delhi has decided on a military approach in dealing with Kashmir, but “Delhi and its local supporters in their arrogance of power fail to understand that neither people of Kashmir nor the resistance leadership will be coerced into submission”.

“On May 7 as their durbar opens here there is every likelihood that those patronising the bloodbath in Kashmir would further intensify the civilian killings once they assume the sets of power in the cozy secretariat rooms. Instead of providing relief the job of PDP-BJP has been to kill, kill and kill especially the youth and whosoever raises a voice against the illegal control of New Delhi on Kashmir,” the statement adds.

The leadership said that while “there is no doubt about the Delhi’s vision on Kashmir which is to kill every Kashmiri”, it becomes the moral duty of the international community to stand up and play their part in resolving the vexed issue for the everlasting peace in sub-continent”.

They said everyday Kashmiris are “shouldering the coffins of their loved ones while international community is observing a criminal silence over it”.

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