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KAK TO BEG: 1946

Letter of R.C. Kak, Prime Minister, Jammu and Kashmir to Mirza Afzal Beg, Minister for Public Works on March 17, 1946
Letter No. nil Dated: 17th March, 1946
My dear Mr. Beg,
March 17, 1946
1. Will you please refer to your letter of date, just received (7.45 P.M.) intimating your desire to resign your office as a Minister in His Highness Govt.
2. I am submitting the letter to His Highness tomorrow morning end will communicate to you his commands as soon as they are received.
Yours sincerely,
Sd/-(R.C. Kak)
The Hon’ble
Mirza M.A. Beg,
Public Works Minister,

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