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Kashmir facing war through economic suppression also: JKSECC.

The Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC) on Thursday alleged that New Delhi has waged a war on Kashmir not only through the barrel of gun but also through economic suppression.

The JKSECC, comprising civil society groups and business chambers and associations, said the State Administrative Council’s decision to convert J&K Bank into a Public Sector Undertaking was a “larger conspiracy to take over the control of the financial institution and make the people of the state economically dependent”.

Convener JKSECC Prof Hameeda Nayeem told reporters at a press conference: “All routes of economic prosperity are being closed and they are forcing our dependence on their alms.”

“Making J&K Bank a PSU is a ploy to make us financially dependent. It is part of a larger conspiracy. We have witnessed how our horticulture sector is facing an onslaught. It is all being done under a well thought out conspiracy,” she said.

Prof Hameeda said, “Operation all out is an all out war against Kashmiri population that has been unleashed for the past so many years.”

“This incremental-genocide operation is carried out with the same moral earnestness with which we kill harmful poisonous organisms. The so-called cordon and search operations, which have been revived by Govt with a greater vengeance against the dissenting population of Kashmir, are meant to not only prevent them from raising their voice for their inalienable rights but to silence them forever.”

She said that it has become a no-holds-barred campaign.

“First no distinction is made between combatants and non-combatants. Militants as per the state discourse fall under the category of combatants. Upholding fundamental human rights demands that non-combatants’ rights are protected and violated under no circumstances. They will not be subjected to the agony of CASO.”

“A number of boys have been killed after being labelled as over ground workers, a new label to kill any one they find convenient to kill,” she said and added that “they have killed 16 mentally unstable persons including two women in the past two years on the pretext of being over ground workers for militants.”

“It is very difficult to keep the count of the persons killed, maimed, blinded, crippled. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in these operations with complacency and carte blanche, nay a sense of victory. In fact the bio-politics of  the state under the  pretext of serving the body politic, is to  disable, cripple, maim, disfigure and on top of all blind  young boys and girls with shotgun pellets to destroy their vision, latest in the series being 19-month-old Hiba. An entire generation has been snuffed out and crippled in these incremental-genocide operations.”

She said that UNCHR report released in June this year, which confirmed gross human rights violations in Kashmir, has been “jeered at and ridiculed and dismissed with disdain by the arrogant government.”

“This is high time for the UN body and the larger international community to wake up to the disaster being wrought in Kashmir and seriously intervene to seek an end to this human tragedy of enormous proportions.”

The JKSECC appealed to the secretary general UN and the “conscientious” powers of the world who uphold international law to “prevail upon India to desist from trampling on human rights, demilitarise Kashmir, revoke AFSPA and let people of Kashmir live a dignified peaceful life as guaranteed by international covenants and her own constitution.”

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