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Lashkar pays tribute to 1947 martyrs.

Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah on Monday paid tribute to the “Martyrs of 6 November 1947” when millions of Muslims were massacred in one day.

“Kashmiris were told that they would be taken to Pakistan and were loaded into trucks. Ultimately they were killed. The incident and its pain revive every year on this day,” LeT spokesman Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi quoted Shah as having said in a statement to a local news agency GNS quoted Shah as saying.

We have never forgotten any conspiracy. The pain of that day is still fresh,” Shah said He said, “A single bullet fired in retaliation and defence by militants is deemed as an atomic bomb whereas the worst human rights violations and chemical carnage by enemy are rendered in biasness.”

“This is the worst mark on the ethics of journalism. The goal of journalism is to differentiate between right and wrong but those who have been brought up on the values of injustice and biasness can never follow this path,” the LeT chief said.“We will never let the sacrifices go in vain and would take the ongoing movement to its logical end,” Shah said.

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