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Malik condemns slapping of PSA on Jamaat leaders

JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Sunday said that incarcerating people for participating in funerals amounts to interference in religious affairs of Muslims.

“Mainstream politicians who deliver sermons of democracy and tolerance on daily basis should feel some shame on this anti-people policies. Incarceration of Jamat-i-Islami leader Bashir Ahmad Lone and Tehreek I Hurriyat leader Muhammad Rafiq Shah Owaisee under PSA and prolonging the incarceration of ailing JKLF leaders Siraj Ud din Mir and Abdul Rashid Magloo detained for similar charges and Hurriyat leader Mir Hafizullah languishing in jails from 2016 is highly condemnable,” Malik said in a press statement.

Terming the arrest of Jamaat and Tehreek Hurriyat leaders on charges of participating in funeral prayers of a slain youth as most deplorable, JKLF chairman said that earlier Baramulla Police also arrested and booked ailing JKLF deputy chief organizer Siraj Ud din Mir and JKLF district president Baramullah Abdul Rashid Magloo under PSA on the same charges.

“Stopping people from participating in funeral prayers and arresting peaceful political activists and leaders for the same amounts to a direct interference in religious affairs of Muslims which is highly condemnable,” asserted the JKLF chairman. “These actions of police at the orders of political masters shows the level of frustration rulers are suffering from and is also indicative of their anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri attitude,” added Yasin Malik.

He said that army, forces and police have been mutilating the bodies of their victims and using gasoline to burn down properties and houses is also not new, but a ban on participation in funeral prayers and even using black law PSA to detain those who participate in an obligatory religious affair is adding to the ugliness of Indian democracy practiced in Jammu Kashmir.

“Those pro-India leaders who on daily basis are delivering sermons through print, electronic and social media should feel some shame of these anti-democracy and anti-people acts and reserve some of their thoughts and condemnations for these inhuman acts too.”

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