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Malik for release of political detainees.

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday  expressed serious concern over the plight of Kashmiri detainees lodged in different jails, including Tihar Jail and jails of Jammu Kashmir.

Addressing a gathering at Masjid Bilal here, Malik said, “ The ICRC and other international human rights organizations should take a note of these atrocities being committed on Kashmiri inmates and use their good offices to provide relief to these detainees.”

“Thousands of young and old are being tortured in jails. Police along with the civil authorities are employing every tactic to prolong their incarceration,” Malik said.

He demanded that authorities should release all the political detainees on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Terming “desecration of graveyards, attacks on families of rivals, destroying their residential houses and orchards and attempting to burn down their residential houses” as “inhuman” acts, Malik said, “These tactics are unacceptable.”

He said, “Kashmir is burning and no one is paying heed to the cries of Kashmiris. Our young and old are being slaughtered, arrested, tortured, tormented and humiliated with impunity by the government forces. These people in uniform enjoy impunity and legal cover and they have been given a license to kill.”

Malik said about six months back, after some attacks on police families, the DG of police issued a statement, saying that that warring parties are fighting each other and in this war no one should involve families as it is against humanity, morals and ethics.  “This statement was taken well by people at that time but today we see government forces attacking families of militants. We want to ask DGP sahib that where has his sermon on ethics, humanity and peace for families gone today. Isn’t this an act of cowardice to attack and desecrate graves and graveyards? The Chief Minister and her party in every issue is mum on these acts,” Malik said.


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