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Mehbooba anguished, calls for dialogue..

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has expressed deep anguish and grief over the death of five civilians on Sunday at Shopian, an official spokesman said in a statement.

The statement reads:  “The CM said it sounds very depressing to note that our state is losing young lives to the unending cycle of violence who could otherwise be utilised for a positive contribution to the state. Today’s deaths have brought a stark fact to fore that guns of militants or that of security forces are no solution for resolving issues.”

“I have reiterated it time and again that political issues need political interventions. I appealing youth that their energies, youthfulness, dreams and aspirations are far more important and sacred to the society than their dead bodies or graves,” the statement reads.

“The CM appealed all sections of civil society, media, students, parents and other stakeholders to rise to this critical occasion, play their role and help in putting an end to this cycle of bloodshed in the state,” the statement reads.

She said the three “decades’ long violence in the state is a testimony to the fact that guns from either side cannot ensure peace but a compassion driven reconciliation process based on mutual respect surely can”.

“In this regard the Chief Minister appealed the national leadership of the country to show the element of compassion and empathy as required by the present day situation here and display the statesmanship to get Jammu & Kashmir out of the quagmire of killings by engaging in a meaningful dialogue in the state,” the statement adds.

“The sooner it happens, the more we can get our state out of the vicious cycle of killings and destruction,” the statement said.


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