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Mirwaiz leads special Shab-e-Baraat prayers at Jamia Masjid..

A large number of people gathered at Kashmir’s historic Jama Masjid in Srinagar on Tuesday night to observe Shab-e-Baraat.Shab-e-Baraat is observed by the Muslims on 15th night of Islamic month Shabaan to seek for the forgiveness of their sins from the Almighty Allah. According to a statement, the gathering was addressed by Mirwaiz-i-Kashmir Mohammad Umar Farooq who threw light on the importance of Shab-i-Barat. During hissermon, Mirwaiz urged people to follow the foot-steps of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the guidelines for a fruitful life as laid out by the holy Quran. Mirwaiz in his speech emphasized the importance of seeking forgiveness for sins from the Almighty Allah. He also led special Istegfaar (seeking forgiveness) prayers during the night.“The participants with moist eyes sought forgiveness from Almighty Allah during the entire night,” read the statement. During the nightlong prayers, Mirwaiz also prayed for the health of ailing prisoners lodged in various jails across the state and outside, it said. He also prayed for the betterment of Kashmiri people and offered special fateh prayers for those who passed away since past one year in particular and those who died during past 27 years of conflict in Kashmir, in general. “Mirwaiz also prayed to Almighty for deliverance from tyranny and injustice that people of Kashmir are undergoing and beseeched the almighty to take the people out of it,” reads the statement.

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