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Muslim women slapped with another bizarre fatwa
These days, fatwas from Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband (one of the largest Islamic seminaries in India keep piling up. In the garb of corrosive influence of Western modernity Muslim clerics keep issuing bizarre fatwas which have no relevance to the holy preaching’s. The litany of fatwas is creating a siege mentality among conservative Muslims and also annoying liberal Muslims who feel they’re being morally micromanaged.
The following fatwa’s issued in the recent past should get all educated Muslims thinking: Is subjugating women this way a correct way of protecting them?
There is no scientific or logical reasoning behind these laughable diktats, just a mere sense of false authority over a sex which has no voice in the Muslim patriarchal society.
Fatwa banning Muslim women from marrying a banker.
But why is it a sin?
Bankers also give Zakat It is only the person who has some wealth and still does not take Zakat from it is regarded as a great sinner in the sight of Allah and will be severely punished on the Day of Judgment.
. Fatwa banning Muslim women from plucking, trimming, shaping their eyebrows and cutting hair.
. Fatwa that bans Muslims from posting pictures on social media sites. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Snap Chat.
. Fatwa denouncing Muslim women as non-Muslims for offering Aarti to Lord Rama. Some Muslim women in Varanasi had worshipped the Hindu God on Diwali. Mohd. Shafiq Khan, senior cleric Ulema, Darul Uloom added that Islam dismisses Muslim that worships any god except Allah.
. Fatwa banning Muslim women from traveling more than 48 miles from their homes without being chaperoned by a male relative.
. A fatwa bans Muslim women from handling bananas or cucumbers because their phallic shape may lead to wrong thoughts. A cleric supposedly dictated that, if women wish to eat these food items, a third-party, preferably male, related to them such as their father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.
Reading through the reasons stated below for the earlier ban on driving by Muslim women in Saudi Arabia reflects such a regerssive mindset that it should put Muslims worldwide to embarrassment.
Muslim women should not drive because:
. Women driving cars will lead them to take off the face-cover.
. It will lead to women losing their modesty and feminine shyness.
. It will make it easier for women to leave their houses without need.
. It will lead women to be free to go wherever they want and whenever they want.
. It will be a tool of rebellion against husbands and families in that if a woman is upset she can get in her car and go someplace to cool down.
. If a woman’s car stops because of a malfunction and in this case a scumbag guy might come and bargain with her for sex in exchange for fixing her car.
. It is reason for financial excess because women are naturally frivolous and they are known to throw away clothes every time a new style comes out and as such she will do the same with cars; getting every new model as soon as it comes out.

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