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Not just a black october day but a permanent scar – Saga of Brutality in POK

October 22 in 1947, Pakistan Army had invaded the undivided state of Jammu and Kashmir.
It was tribals from Pakistan who created this conflict. They invaded an independent state of J&K on October 22, 1947 with an intent to occupy it. Jammu and Kashmir was attacked by Pakistan and one third of its people are under foreign occupation. A true BLACK Day in History of Jammu and Kashmir.
A political veteran of J&K quotes “Pakistan claims to be champion of self-determination of people of J&K but the fact is, it did not respect the right to self- determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir and attacked on sovereignty and integrity of its motherland. It was Pakistan who first attacked J&K and compelled Maharaja Hari Singh to seek help from India. He signed a provisional treaty of accession with India to get safety, Security and properity of its people. No one but Pakistan is responsible for this state of affairs.”
Annual October Protests are a norm now from places like Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot, Kotli, Gilgit and Hajirah and other places and massive rallies and public meetings at Banbehek, near Rawalakot; Kotli and Hajira towns of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
Anti-Pakistan slogans demanding immediate withdrawal of the Pakistan Army from the ‘occupied’ territory and infiltration in Indian state of Jammu Kashmir are the key demands that protestors have been putting down.

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