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Opt for amity, reconciliation: Prof Bhat to Indo-Pak leadership

Hurriyat Conference (M) senior leader and Muslim Conference president Prof Abdul Gani Bhat today said Kashmir issue needed to be resolved to make a secure and peaceful future of the subcontinent, asking the leadership in India and Pakistan to opt for amity, reconciliation, and will to resolve the dispute.

“Equipped with huge arsenal India and Pakistan have been logging horns with each other over Kashmir, all mayhem and bloodshed is inflicted on Kashmiris and how far Kashmiris’ blood will go on spilling on the soil,” a spokesman of the MC, in a statement today, quoted Prof Bhat as having said while speaking at Friday prayers meeting at Rathsun Jamia Masjid in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

“Irony is that repressive politics is played over developmental issues, biased democratic methods are used to create chaos, confusion in Kashmiri society,” Prof Bhat said, adding “Under such situation unresolved issue of Kashmir adds fuel to the fire which nobody can deny.”

Prof. Bhat said, “The boisterous reports emanating from middle east, Afghanistan and of course in south Asia when big powers US and Russia are coming dangerously closer with nefarious designs and India and Pakistan too are engaged bitterly in Kashmir. Before the situation takes an ugly turn the leadership in New Delhi and Islamabad should ponder on and opt for amity, reconciliation and will to resolve Kashmir for the better interests of South Asia.”

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