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Paradise to Hell

Kashmir is most beautiful place fabled with eternal romance on the earth with equally beautiful people. Poets, writes have described Kashmir as one of the finest land upon which sun shines with lovely landscape, majestic forests, green pastures, silent and beautiful lakes, waterfalls, snow clad mountain, climate of Kashmir is most salubrious and invigorating it is generally said that while staying in Kashmir one must have fan and fur together. From the dawn of history state remains center of every religion that is Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Though state remains Muslim majority still people live with harmony but the conflict dragged it towards absurd way. All the three regions have different culture different ideology but still an example of love, peace and conformity.
The state was created under the treaty of Amritsar between the East India company and Gulab sing of Jammu and Kashmir who bought the valley from 75 lakh. Rule of Dogra regime was autocratic and people were against him because the feudalism has created an injustice for the common people. Kashmir history has witnessed a lot Whoever controlled the Kashmir by hook or crook they we’re too harsh and barbaric towards the soil no doubt people from time to time revolt against them but at the eleventh hour common people loose everything and gaining nothing because of egocentric nature of Kings and his subjects .In 1944 Mr. Jinnah spent about six weeks in srinagar, Muslim conference gave him a reception after that Mr. Jinnah started his speech his golden words still a guideline for Muslims all over the world but at that time it was unfortunate for the state not to follow him and in reality it was the golden opportunity that we Kashmiri have fail to understand and in his speech he said Muslim have one plate form, one Kalma and one God, I requested to Muslims to come under the banner of Muslim conference and fight for their rights then few days later he went to address a public meeting at Baramulla few people throw stones on him and then Jinnah leave Kashmir in despire. It was unfortunate time for whole Kashmir they can’t understand the words of great leader today we suffer it is because of our own deception. Today we see life in Kashmir full of hue and cry, every family gone through tragedies leaving behind thousands of victims and their families with often no one to care .There are thousands hundred families who lost their dear ones now a days in Kashmir people come on streets is a general phenomenon only show emotions can’t work, they should be some how practical also. Right from the 1947 Kashmiri lack a good leadership, they we’re power hungry since its inception. They suck the blood of common people. At the time of election campaign they show day dreams to people and befool them in every possible way after victory first preference to their kith’s and kins .
Infact Unemployment youth is at the verge of depression and mentally depressed. People in Kashmir are more sensitive as compared to other regions they will compromise in case of sarkari nukaries even they can prefer to remain poor and necessitous but can’t compromise on unsolved core issue of Kashmir, today the situation is different than 1989 it is time to ponder why the youth chose guns instead of pen. Kashmir issue in the whole sub-continent has probably the longest disrupted zone because Kashmiri leadership never take it seriously as a result people suffered in every way. Today people are mentally depressed conflict has snatched everything here people loss peace of mind and heart. Psychology youth of the Kashmir on the verge of frustration nobody is feeling the pain of common people. There is lot of ideological difference between political parties Autonomy and Self-rule nothing only a dilemma. Neither they have political stability nor any ideological similarity. Due to unsolved core issue it complicated the relationship between Delhi and Srinagar.
Our political leaders trusted a lot on New Delhi first it was Sheikh Abdullah all weather friend of Pandith Nehru now PDP nepotism they put the kashmir on the worst ever. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are the worst sufferings of corruption and nepotism in fact their hands soaked with innocent blood of kashmir. They show the dreams of Autonomy and self rule their agenda always bad for Kashmir. Once Kashmir was know by its values, honesty, dedication and religious spiritualism. There was no place for greed, corruption in the society. Every one was believing In truth and honesty but now the situation is worsened each and everyday corruption, nepotism, favoritism is order of the day. From top to bottom departments are corrupted. Every ruler is unrighteousness, despotic and destructive.
The puppet rulers of Jammu and Kashmir never frequently and genuinely talk about the aspirations of people when they are out of power they abruptly change their vision according to the situation. They please their masters in every sort of way even they Change their strategy and policy. Right from 1947 no politician was good for soil they were communal in Srinagar and secular at Delhi today people fret because of their selfishness and lust of power. There is not a single day when violent protests in Kashmir Valley took place. Both police and forces uses pellet guns, tear gas shells, bullets resulting into the death of innocent people. Kashmir is boiling in between the two nuclear countries unfortunately they never sincerely approach for talks.
People are being screamed for rights, justice in fact Indian looks now an authoritan state instead of democratic. In nutshell Politicians of Kashmiri are indelicate and deceitful towards Kashmir issue .Kashmir problem is old and the seeds of unrest were sown at the time of partition. Indian government if provides self determination which J L Nehru has promised a long back then Kashmir problem will be solved. Last but not least during the past two dynasties of Jammu and Kashmir have significantly distorted the polity of state by their acts. Their tyrannical rule was notorious and anti people activities. People of Valley were suppressed and suffocated by the barbaric governance. By refuting the facts doesn’t change the matter of Kashmir issue indeed recognized on international level as a disputed territory both the countries should leave the hawkish approach and come sincerely on table to solve the long pending Issue so that our land of Kashmir once again exhilarating in the garden of world.

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