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PDP, NC, AIP reject Governor’s statement.

Peoples Democratic Party, National Conference and Awami Ithad Party on Thursday reacted sharply to the Governor Satya Pal Malik’s assertion that political parties in Jammu and Kashmir have no right to talk about peace talks between India and Pakistan.

In a statement here PDP chief spokesman Rafi Mir said, “The party is not a feckless sycophant but the representative of peoples aspirations. PDP since its inception has been in the forefront pitching for dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries so that a new era of peace is ushered in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that has been witnessing mayhem and bloodshed for decades.”

He said, “Being a regional party of the state, PDP considers it as its prime responsibility to get the state out of uncertainty and chaos and demand that the vicious cycle of death, violence and pillage must stop without any further delay. “He said, “ The state Governor must bear this glaring reality in mind that it is the people of Kashmir who have been bearing the brunt of hostilities between India and Pakistan and due to such arch rivalry between the two countries, the state has been converted into as war zone where death has become a permanent headline.”

He added that the PDP’s stand has always been to pitch for thaw between India and Pakistan so that the already perturbed people in the violence infested state could heave a sigh of relief.

Mir said that every time, the two countries come closer to each other and talk peace, the people of the state get respite from insurmountable predicament and party’s sole agenda to is bring two countries closer for the greater common good of Kashmiris.


National Conference on Thursday rejected the assertion of Governor Satyapal Malik wherein he had negated the role of local parties favoring peace process.

In a statement here chief spokesperson of the party Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said, “People of Jammu and Kashmir are the primary stake holders and that National Conference being the largest political dispensation will continue to highlight the issues that concern our people. We have been the advocates of dialogue, both internal and external, since long before Governor SP Malik assumed office and we will continue to advocate it after his tenure as well.”

He said that National conference has always been advocates of peace and it will continue doing it. “We cannot close our eyes to the woes of people. Our state is directly hit by the tension between India and Pakistan and when their relations improve we are the direct beneficiaries,” he added.

“As an important stakeholder and a representative of the people we will not be apologetic about talking about normalizing relations,” he added.

He said that the situation demands conciliation and that prolongation of current iron fist strategy won’t help the peace to thrive.


Reacting sharply to Governor Satyapal Malik’s claim that J&K parties have no right to talk about Indo Pak talks, AIP President and MLA Langate Er Rasheed in a statement here said, “Governor has said nothing new except making New Delhi’s real designs open. Who can deny that Kashmiris are the fundamental party to the dispute and are tasting the bitterness’s of India and Pakistan winning freedom. Not only United Nations but New Delhi and Islamabad have talked to legitimate leadership of Kashmir from 1947 till date. Had it been a bilateral issue New Delhi would never have utilized the services of late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah to persuade the Pakistani leadership for honourable settlement of the dispute between three parties.”

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