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PM’s ‘directionless’ policies reason for Kashmir trouble: Cong

The Congress today hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that his “directionless” and “inconsistent” foreign and defence policies have led to a quantum jump in cases of militancy and ceasefire violations.

Targeting the Prime Minister on the issue of national security, the Congress demanded answers from him on questions he had posed to the then UPA government ahead of 2014 elections.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi alleged that it is unfortunate that the country’s national security is being compromised every day and the government is sitting idle.

Seeking to substantiate the charges, he said in last 44 months of the Modi government, 286 soldiers and 138 civilians have died against 115 and 72 respectively who died during same period of UPA.

Singhvi claimed that there was a five-fold jump in 2,555 cases of “ceasefire violations by Pakistan” in 44 months of NDA against 543 during the UPA government.

“What does this show? It shows utter hypocrisy, it shows utter double-facedness, it shows double-speak (of this government),” he said.

The Congress leader asked whether the BJP can get away every time by pointing a finger at the neighbour who is “beyond care and beyond cure”.

“Please answer the five questions, Mr government, Mr prime minister and Mr party president. Don’t answer them by giving us lessons on nationalism,” he said, asking the NDA government to answer them with facts and figures, which show a “deplorable and astonishing” major increase in the cases of major militancy incidents in the 45 months.

Singhvi said not one of these five questions has been attempted to be answered by the ruling party and by the Prime Minister.

“The 56-inches is only in talk, in paper. Modi government’s directionless policy on national security has created a disquiet on the border,” he said.

Noting that the Congress stands resolutely behind “brave jawans and world-class army” of the country while denouncing Pakistan, he said, “But how long can we ignore that a directionless, irresolute, inconsistent, zig-zag, arbitrary foreign and defence policy is going to endanger our brave jawans.”

Singhvi said this is the Pakistan which was doing 543 ceasefire violations and now looks in the eye and makes fun and does 2,555 ceasefire violations, a five-fold increase.

“Is this your bravery, is this your nationalism or is this just ‘jumla-baazi’?” he asked.

Singhvi asked why and how militants entered the country and attacked defence installations amid tight security under the Modi government.

He also asked him how they were getting their arms and ammunition and the funding under this government. He also asked what the government intelligence network was doing to intercept communications of militants and how militants who fled are not being extradited.

“What is that power in your foreign policy that has led any extradition?”

The same set of questions were asked by Modi when he was BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

“Modi ji, we again repeat your own words. First act with regards to these five things- then terrorism will be routed out. Modi ji, you don’t have answer to the same questions, which you had asked us, once upon a time,” Singhvi said.

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