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Police, other security agencies will sabotage ceasefire: Rashid

Announcing that his party would receive Prime Minister Narendra Modi with black flags on his arrival in the state on Saturday, independent legislator Er Rashid on Thursday appealed people to observe a protest strike on that day.

Addressing a press conference here, Rashid accused the police of turning “violence into an industry.”

“Even if New Delhi shows some sincerity vis a vis ceasefire but security agencies, especially Jammu and Kashmir Police, will leave no stone unturned to sabotage the move as their vested interest in violence has become an industry,” he said.

He said that a “shameless police officer in Handwara has already begun the operation to sabotage the ceasefire process, obviously at the behest of his seniors.”

Rashid said “arrest of Ishfaq Ahmad Wani by Handwara police in alleged stone pelting case has exposed the dirty and notorious mindset of Jammu and Kashmir Police” as the “same officer who was begging before Ishfaq when his wife was murdered with intention by a bullet of men in uniform proved so shameless that he summoned the victim to his police station and put him in lockup thus making sixteen month old motherless baby to cry in isolation.”

“I as the public representative informed chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and police chief about the incident whose intervention finally helped Ishfaq to get released this afternoon”.

Rashid added that despite being women herself, “it took the chief minister 24 hours to wake up and feel the pain of a baby whose mother was shot dead by police and father locked up in police station”.

Rashid added that dozens of videos circulating on social media are ample proof to conclude that the black sheep in Jammu and Kashmir Police have brought a bad name to the entire police force, “which otherwise has a good number of God fearing and pro-Kashmir elements.”

“Booking the leaders of Jamaat e Islami and other pro-resistance parties in Ganderbal and other parts of valley has unmasked the ugly face of Jammu and Kashmir Police.

“The men in uniform, especially Jammu and Kashmir Police, are the biggest beneficiaries of turmoil and bloodbath. Most of the police officers have made huge assets by not only sucking money from innocent Kashmiris but also have blackmailed and looted New Delhi.”

He said the decision of strike on PM Modi’s visit “has been taken to make the world community realize that India was not sincere in resolving Kashmir issue.”

“The strike call is for the larger interest of the people of the state,” said Rashid.

He said that under such circumstances the Prime Minister’s visit is nothing except an attempt to “mislead the world community as he has been constantly giving the notion that whatsoever is happening in Jammu and Kashmir is being done by miscreants and Pakistani agents and is no way different than a law and order problem.”

Appealing the masses to observe complete shutdown on 19th May, Rasheed said that AIP will receive PM Modi with black flags so as to make world community realize that India is not serious and sincere in resolving the issue.

Rasheed appealed the people of Jammu, Ladakh, Pir Panchal and Chenab Valley to support the strike call for the larger interest of the state.

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