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Radicalization: -Crisis Within

By Wani Idris

Radicalization is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social or religious ideas and aspirations that reject or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.
The first stage of radicalization in a society is marked with buildup of a peculiar environment that supports singular ideological narrative and discourages pluralism. This is pre-radicalisation stage .The society then moves to next stage of latent radicalisation. At this stage a certain belief system is consciously and deliberately generated which puts people in peculiar and separate boxes in terms of identity. The third stage is active radicalisation where individuals or groups of people begin to actively advocate discrimination and targeting the other.A society graduating to this stage would experience a proliferation of violence against targeted groups to meet ideological objectives .

Radicalisation amount Muslims especially youth has become rampant over the year’s.we are increasingly seeing a new generation of Muslim youngsters narrowly focused on religious discussions and debates almost to the exclusive of any other worthwhile vocation. Most such youngsters, begin to embrace, with certain intensity and enthusiasm, a religious narrative which makes them narrow minded, combative and bellicose.

Muslims have become so enamoured with violence as a weapon against each other that we are in danger of losing moral authority to questions others using violence against Muslims.Regular bombing of mosques,shrines,religious processions, Friday prayer gatherings are targeted.Innocent civilians are killed and the murders aspire to attain direct entry into the paradise.These are not incidents but this is a culture of violence which has developed into a monster & showing up as a carbuncle on the body of many Muslim societies worldwide.Look what’s happening in Syria and Yemen.state missionaries are involved and no one is bothered to stop it.The bigger tragedy is that muslim community is yet to acknowledge, let alone confront this ugly reality ,despite its deadly scale and intensity The focus is still on outside enemy not the one within.There is hardly any public space within the Muslim communities where you can discuss and raise such issues.Talk of this and the conspiracy angle is brought.No wonder with each terrorist strike we continue to hear the oft repeated rhetoric “they aren’t /can’t be Muslims.

True that world powers particularly America can’t escape the blame but we have provided them the fodder they needed.America exploited Sunni Shia sectarian division and Arab non Arab ethnic division to promote its objectives.The Iraq invasion was final nail in the coffin.Of the 52 muslim countries they’ve total 4 million superb trained armies but there guns and are busy fighting each other.Therefore they don’t have the time and real power to fight the enemies.

There are 20 million refugees in world who are homeless,driven out from their land and 80percent of them are Muslims .Muslim countries have abyssmal record in technology, of late ,Muslims are not contributing much towards the world.We need to revisit the time ,which is called the golden age of Muslims,The age of Avicena ,Averroes and think what & where we went wrong.
Muslims have got to stop ,pause and reflect and then confront the monster of radicalisation. That needs an honest appraisal and acknowledgment of the reality .It is time for sincere introspection and reality check.

Let some much needed reality and dawn on us on the eve of New Year.
Let Peace dawn world over.

(Wani Idris is a teacher by profession,Teaches at BHSS Tekipora.Hails from Sogam.

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