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Sehrai vows to resist any change in process of granting PR certificates.

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) chairman Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai today said the contemplated change in the procedure of issuing permanent resident certificates (PRCs) was a ‘deliberate attempt to change’ the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, vowing that the move would be resisted tooth and nail.

“The leadership has a clear stand against the anti-Kashmir and anti-people policies. We make is clear that the policies which are against the Kashmiri people and their security would be resisted tooth and nail and not allowed at any cost. The utter purpose of these efforts is to convert Muslim majority into a minority in Jammu & Kashmir so that desired results can be achieved in the plebiscite under the United Nations,” Sehrai, who has been placed under house detention, said in a statement.

Expressing serious apprehensions over fiddling with PRCs, Sehrai said, “New Delhi and its anti-Kashmir politicians are hell bent to change the demographic character of Kashmir. It was a long dream of RSS and its fascist ideological people to tamper with the State Subject laws.”

“Although Kashmiris have been striving for the right to self determination, however, defending such grave issues becomes inevitable due to its potential to change the demography of the state. The change in demography of J&K would have an impact in the plebiscite later. The only purpose of the demographic change is to convert Kashmiris into minority and deprive them of their fundamental right – right of self-determination,” Sehrai said.

Meanwhile, the TeH general secretary Ameer Hamzah Shah has strongly denounced the house detention of party chairman Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai.

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