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Selective outrage over killing of innocents shocking: DeM

Castigating the government for keeping the party chairperson, Aasiya Andrabi and others in jail, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday expressed grave concern over the continuous bloodshed of youth across Kashmir.

In a statement here a spokesperson of the DeM said that an executive council of the DeM met here and discussed the prevailing situation in the Valley. “During the meeting the members castigated the authorities for jailing the party chairperson, general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, press secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda and two other girls. It is nothing but a political vendetta,” the statement said.

It said that the members also discussed the present situation in Kashmir and termed it grim. “The members expressed grief over the death of a tourist in a stone pelting incident and said that the selective outrage over the killing of innocents was shocking,” it said.

“The world in general and the Kashmiris in particular should take note of this selective outrage over death of a youth.  The members said that while there was outrage and anguish expressed over the death of the tourist but no one bothered to say a few words of condemnation over the killing a five of our children who were martyred just a few hours before the tourist’s death,” the statement added.

“The members, during the meeting, said that a school going kid was murdered in his school uniform and no one said anything about that. Is the blood of our children so cheap? Is there no humanity left in this world?” the statement said.

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