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Sheikh Abdullah, his successors responsible for Kashmir mess: Sehrai.

Chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai on Wednesday said the National Conference founder Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, including all pro-India politicians are responsible for Kashmir being in mess today. However, National Conference rejected his allegations and termed it as derogatory.

While addressing mourners at Baddoo village of Achabal in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district Sehari said, “ Whatever we are witnessing today is the outcome of the mistakes which were committed by the lat Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and his successors.”

What we are facing today is because of his (Abdullah) greed for power. He first joined hands with Jawahar Lal Nehru and preferred acceding with India in 1947. Then when he annoyed his friend Nehru, and was put behind bars he talked of plebiscite,” Sehrai said.

He said Abdullah’s first mistake could have been forgiven as betrayal for the first time, but his repeat betrayals like the accord with Indira Gandhi in 1975 were unforgivable.

“So, what has he done to be called a lion. He was rather a jackal. And we are bearing the brunt of his betrayals.”

Sehrai asked his grandson and former chief Minister Omar Abdullah to keep that in mind before making fun of every one on his twitter handle on and off.

The Hurriyat leader said Mufti Saeed would be remembered for bringing RSS to Kashmir and nothing else. “Some of the journalists and intellectual friends used to call him a seasoned politician, but I always maintained he was not and he proved that when he allied with right wing BJP in 2014,” Sehrai said.


National Conference reacted sharply to Sehrai’s statement and termed it as

derogatory, and a “considered attempt to gain prominence” in the political horizon of Kashmir.

In a statement party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said that Hurriyat leader didn’t have the gumption to condemn people responsible for the killing of his colleague. “Strangely Sehrai is blaming a person who died in 1982 for the death of his party member. This is beyond comprehension. Sheikh sb was the tallest leader our state has ever produced. The title of Sher-e-Kashmir that was accorded to him was given by people who believed in his leadership and judgment.”

“The last farewell that people gave to Sher-e-Kashmir was reflective of his stature and political standing.  Even his detractors appreciate what Sheikh sahib did for our state and its people. Number of intellectuals in India and Pakistan paid glorious tributes to Sher-e- Kashmir on his death. MD Taseer, famous Pakistani Urdu poet and writer had said that Kashmir owes its nationalism to Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah,” he said.

Sagar said, “Sehrai and his ideologue party contested elections when Sheikh sahib was under penitentiary and confinement. Instead of supporting Sher-e-Kashmir, they went ahead and took part in Assembly elections in 1971 against the wishes of people of Kashmir,” he said.

General Secretary said that Sehrai owes an explanation to the people of the state. “What have they been able to achieve in all these years except deaths,” he said. “Sheikh Sahib’s personality and achievements are too big to be belittled by people like Sehrai who have now resorted to name calling,” he said. “Sheikh sahib was a visionary leader and the champion of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Sehrai is trying to find substratum in the political landscape of Kashmir by blaming the tallest leader,” he said.

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