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State Judicial Academy holds oath ceremony for new advocates..

Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy on Wednesday organised an oath ceremony for newly enrolled advocates of Kashmir province at J&K State Judicial Academy Complex at Mominabad here.

The oath ceremony was followed by lecture on the “professional ethics and conduct’ by Abdul Rashid Malik, director, J&K State Judicial Academy. He impressed upon the young lawyers to work hard saying lawyer is the future of the nation. “Bar is an essential component of our legal system and it is paramount that both the Bench and Bar co-exist harmoniously with each other and together they can contribute effectively in achieving greater heights in the field of law. The profession of law is a great profession, the most brilliant and attractive of the peaceful professions, with responsibilities both inside and outside it, which no person carrying on any other profession has to shoulder,” Malik said.

“It is a great controlling and unifying institution which places upon each his duties, gives to each his rights and enforces from each obligations. In the practice of the profession, the lawyer has to deal with the greatest possible varieties of human relation and have his metal constantly tried from every point and it gives him a special opportunity to equip himself with those qualities, which count for pre-eminence in society,” he said.

He said the legal profession is, amongst all the learned professionals, the most independent one. “Character is vital in all professions and walks of life, and in the legal profession particularly, the maintenance of the honesty of the lawyer is a matter of the first importance. The most worthy and effective advertisement possible for a young lawyer, especially with his brother lawyers, is the establishment of a well merited reputation for professional capacity and fidelity to trust. An advocate without character is like a ship without a rudder,” he said.

He said the cardinal principle which determines the privileges and responsibilities of an advocate in relation to the court is that he is an officer and a friend of the court. “It only means that he is an integral part of the machinery for the administration of justice. Therefore, the first duty which the council owes to the court is to maintain its honour and dignity. He owes courtesy and respect to the court. You should treat the opposite advocate as a gentleman and should never suspect him. At the same time you cannot communicate or negotiate upon the subject matter of controversy with any party represented by an advocate except through that advocate,” he added.

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