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State subject law linked to our struggle for right to self determination: Malik.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said state subject laws were directly linked with the movement for right to self-determination.

Elaborating, he said, it appears that New Delhi wants to change the demography of the state by settling outsiders who would then outnumber the Muslims majority the same way Israel was doing in Palestine.

Addressing a large gathering at Amira Kadal after Friday congregational prayers, the JKLF chief said that state subject law and defending it is a matter of “life and death for the people of J&K”.

“No Kashmiri will sit silent on its abrogation. People of J&K are all one on this issue. Its abrogation will affect each one of us,” Malik said.

He said some pro-India politicians, who for “the lust of power have been acting as the supporters of oppression”, are today raising hue and cry about the resistance camp’s involvement over the issue.

“These pro-India parties claim that resistance leaders are in a way defending Indian constitution,” the JKLF chief said. “We want to tell these people that J&K from last over 70 years has been witnessing death, destruction and miseries. And it is these people and their parties that are responsible for what Kashmiris are going through today.”

The Front chairman said that people of J&K are striving for their right of self-determination and state subject law is directly linked with this right.

“State subject law is in all respects linked to our right of self-determination and any attack on it has grave consequences on our lives,” he said.

He said that it seems to be clear now that Delhi’s plan is settle non-state residents in J&K by scrapping  the article 35 A,  and within a few years, Muslims, who are in a majority, would automatically turn into a minority.

“This is what Israel exactly did in Palestine by throwing out Palestinian Muslims and then settling Jews in large numbers,” he said.

He said that under the garb of removing 35A, “RSS-backed BJP and its allies want to abrogate hereditary state subject law enacted in 1927”.

“Pro-India parties are upset with the peoples support to JRL from Kargil to Poonch and Doda to Srinagar on this matter should know that Kashmiris will spill their blood to save their identity and uniqueness,” the JKLF chief said.

Asking people of Kashmir to be ready for a full-fledged people’s agitation, Malik said that if the Supreme Court of India delivers any verdict that is against the aspirations of the people of J&K, the entire state will come out on roads.

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