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Targeted Political Killing Draws Flak

The pictures of 3 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists who were behind the brutal murder of a  BJP youth leader Gowhar Hussain Bhat. According to reports, Jammu and Kashmir police has identified Zubair Turray, Ishfaq Thokar and 1 other person responsible for abduction and murder of Bhat in Shopian district.

Targeted political killings has  foreign terrorists have drawn flak from the local populace. High pressure from Pakistan Army/ISI to create disturbances in Kashmir is forcing foreign terrorists to adopt this methodology since heavy crack down of SF in the last few months have left the terrorist cadre disarray ed. Such act of cowardice has drawn flak from the entire state. It appears that the rattled terrorist cadre who have been pinned down heavily by the SF in the valley are now desperate to stay in news and are therefore killing civilians.

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