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Teachers outnumber students at this Downtown school..

The disproportionate teacher student ratio in government schools has exposed the flawed policy of education department and contradicted tall claims of providing quality education to students.
Government High School (GHS) Rangtaing in Downtown Srinagar is one such school which belies the government claims of revolutionising the education sector in J&K. The school has 13 teachers for eight students.Situated in the congested area of Nawa Kadal, the High School falls under the jurisdiction of education zone Zaldagar.
According to officials in the education department, the authorities had merged two other schools – Government middle school Aali Kadal and middle school Rehbab Sahab with the high school Rangtaing during rationalisation of schools in 2015.
“The schools were merged during the process of rationalisation given the meager enrollment of students in these two institutions,” an official said.The roll and staff statement of these institutions is a blot on the face of the education department. In Rangtaing school the department has posted 13 teachers for just eight students. Aali Kadal middle school has 21 students and three teachers and middle school Rehbab Sahab has 15 students and five teachers.
Despite having excessive staff, the department has adjusted two more teachers in the institutions.
“The three schools have only 21 staff members of their own but the department has adjusted two teachers on deployment there,” director school education Kashmir G N Itoo said, without explaining the reason for the unwanted deployment.
The total enrollment of students in three institutions is 44 and government has posted 23 teachers. According to norms every school should have teacher student ratio of 1:30. But in this school the norm has been thrown to the wind. For every teacher there are just two students.
On Thursday, all the 23 teachers were suspended during a surprise visit by the director school education Kashmir for poor performance in academics.
“Academic activities started in the school from past one month but the teachers have not done their job properly,” Itoo said, adding that the teachers have not checked or signed text copy of a single student in one month. “When I inquired, teachers said they check copies at the end of the month. But it is unheard of.”

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