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The month of prayer, blessings and forgivingness begins in Muslim world..

The holy month of Ramadhan began today in J&K, like several other parts of the world. It is also first day of fasting month for Saudi Arabia, along with other Gulf States.

J&K’s Grand Mufti, Bashir-ud-Din, confirmed  the sighting of moon and announced that the first day of fasting would be observed on 17 May 2018 across Jammu and Kashmir.

It took us around one hour in gathering testimonies from across the Kashmir. We have received ample of testimonies. The moon was sighted in Kupwara and Rajouri,” the Grand Mufti told  on Wednesday late evening.

His announcement came shortly after Pakistan’s Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced the sighting of moon that marks the end of Shaaban, the eighth month of Islamic calendar and beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan.

People were waiting for the announcement till late evening to know if the Ramadhan moon was sighted. As the announcement came, people start updating their status on various social networking to spread the message further and greeting their family and friends.

Soon after the announcement of the sighting of moon, shrines and Masjids reverberated with the recitation of Qur’an as people start began to offer the Taraweh prayers.

The Grand Mufti, Bashir-ud-Din greeted the people on eve of Ramadhan and appealed to help downtrodden and other deserving persons. “We must reach out to needy, families of martyrs and help them to observe this month in seeking blessing from Allah,” he added.

He said the act of fasting calls for Muslims to practice self-discipline and sacrifice, as well as reflect upon and show compassion for the less fortunate. “Muslims are also reminded to be generous and increase their charitable activities during this month.”

Deputy grand Mufti Nasir-u-Din said that certain obligations must be fulfilled by all Muslims to receive more and more blessings from Allah during the month of Ramadhan.

“People in Kashmir must pray for the end of oppression and to offer special prayers seeking further elevation in the status for the people who had laid down their lives for the Kashmir cause,” he said.

Saudi Arabia, along with other Gulf states, and several other countries are also observing the first day of Ramadhan from Thursday as the moon was not sighted there on past night.


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