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Unity key to our success: Yasin Malik

Stressing the need for strengthening unity among the ranks and files of Muslim Ummah, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik today said, “Unity is the key to our success and only weapon with which we can triumph over falsehood.”

“Slogans of development and economic growth have always been used by New Delhi to deny our right to self determination,” Malik said while addressing a gathering at Masjid Imam-u-Zaman, the Bund, here.

Referring to the recent statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Kashmir visit in which he talked about development and peace, Malik said, “Every ruler talks about peace, progress and development of the forcibly controlled land and lures oppressed people with the slogans of development, government jobs, quality life and other materialistic things like these. New Delhi for the past 70 years has been doing the same and trying to pacify or deny our right to freedom and self-determination by various means of corruption but all this has yielded nothing but shame.”

He said, “In fact the delay in resolving the basic issue of Jammu Kashmir by talks of development and progress have turned Kashmiris braver, more resilient and more passionate for their right to self determination and freedom. Without the resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute, talks of peace, stability, progress and development are and will remain a distant dream and hence wasting time in camouflaging and denial can only add to more instability and decline and hence should be shunned as soon as possible. Kashmir issue is a reality and no camouflaging or luring can deny or ridicule this reality,” he added.

On PM Modi’s remarks about prosperous Kashmir, JKLF chairman said, “How can Kashmiris who receive body bags of their loved ones on daily basis remain prosperous and happy and how can one be happy with his eye sight lost or body bruised by pellets?

JKLF chairman said, “Every one of us knows about the importance of Zakat as it is one of the basic pillars of our faith. Zakat is to be utilized for needy, downtrodden, prisoners and other means like these and today our society is full of orphans, kith and kin of martyrs, needy people, prisoners and those who are in dire need of our help. We all should give priority to these people and try to utilize our Zakat and other contributions for these deserving so that no one among us remains hungry or without basic necessities of life.

Meanwhile, Yasin Malik strongly condemned the use of pellets by the police and other government forces at Nowhata and parts of old city in which scores of young boys were injured.

Terming it as police ‘highhandedness’, Malik prayed for the early recovery of the injured.

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