HM poster revealed near DPL, Pulwama seeking forgiveness for militant Sameer Tiger
For the first time, has admitted that the performances of the militant outfit in Kashmir are not satisfactory, but claimed that the situation will improve in coming days. These posters highlight desperation among various militant groups that are deeply perturbed seeing the success of security forces against their violent struggle for Kashmir.

He will not contact
As per sources Sameer Tiger had visited his uncle namely Zaid and his father had telephoned SF which led to stampede during funeral of JeM terrorist Manzoor Baba. In the poster HM is seen clarifying the following:
Likely confusion amongst the masses on Sameer Tiger’s likely joining hands with SF.
It clarifies that his visit to his uncle and his father seen with forces is pure coincidence.
his relatives anymore or repeat such conduct.
Mystery unfolded
The picture of Hizb militant Sameer Bhat, alias Sammer Tiger, holding the American M4 carbine in an orchard somewhere in southern part of Kashmir surfaced on the social media in Nov last year  clearly indicated his shifting ranks to JeM.
Now, the above posters by HM seeking forgiveness for him could reveal his switching back to HM. But since Sameer who is constantly under hunt by security forces makes such reckless appearances (funerals, social media), JeM fears that he like Tariq Pandit, Zakir Musa and likes will give out details of JeM which could lead it to the same fate as that of HM.
On the other hand, HM is fearful that locals suspect him to have joined hands with security forces, (keeping in mind his longevity) and may share his inputs with security forces which could in turn lead security forces to the present commander and the sole survivor of the famous 11, Saddam Paddar.
HM has faced similar betrayal by Zakir Musa and Tariq Pandit
It is a known fact that there are immense differences among the militant outfits operating in Kashmir in terms of their objectives, their area of operations, the people and groups who support them and finally the level of support they receive from the Pakistan government and the ISI.
Did Musa betray Sabzar Bhat?
Reports of infighting between militant outfits have been doing the rounds, which work in favour of security agencies and led to a series of hideouts being busted. Intercepted HM communications suggested that many militants believed that Sabzar Bhat had been betrayed by Musa. Zakir Musa who when threatened to behead Hurriyat leaders for calling Kashmir conflict a political one instead of a religious one found himself betrayed as HM disassociated itself from the statement. In response he quit and formed Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, a cell of al-Qaeda.
Who betrayed Burhan?
Who got Burhan killed still remains unknown. Residents of Bemduru where Burhan breathed his last suspect an insider, but who could it be. Two years and out of the 11 only two remain alive, Saddam Paddar who is on the loose and Tariq Pandit who had surrendered to the security forces.
Did Tariq Ahmad Pandit betray Burhan?
The only person from this group who was nabbed alive is Tariq Ahmad Pandit. Pandit’s arrest was a big blow to Burhan’s group. Soon after Tariq Pandit’s arrest, one-after-one many hideouts were busted, many militants killed and huge cache of arms seized. Many in Kashmir still express doubts about the circumstances in which Pandit was arrested. On connecting the dots it is seen that behind Burhan Wani’s killing lays a story of deception and betrayal. It is said that Tariq Ahmad Pandit, walked out of the orchards near Karimabad in Pulwama, armed with a pistol, six rounds and two grenades. Police records show Tariq Pandit was arrested but sources said that he, in fact, had surrendered. He’d given up the fight. The following months, saw his new friends hunted down and killed. Adil Khandey and Farooq Sheikh, among the men Tariq Pandit first met, died within weeks. Naseer Pandit and Waseem Malla were shot dead in September 2015, followed in quick time by Aafaqullah Bhat and Bilal Bhat in April.
HM men betrayed by own
In each case, the Hizb’s internal enquiries suggested the men had been betrayed often by informers. The Hizb’s clumsy counter intelligence efforts, however, rarely succeeded in staunching the flow of information to police. For police, Tariq Pandit’s arrest was a windfall. His detailed knowledge of Burhan Wani’s network of safe houses finally forced the Hizb commander to leave Tral.
LeT’s Waleed’s betrayal
According to sources, Waleed defacto Supremo of LeT s/o Zaki ur Rehman has shifted his focus from Kashmir cause to amassing wealth. In past few months he has orchestrated and compromised own LeT cadre in North Kashmir, by selectively leaking their whereabouts sleuths, in lieu of monetary compensation. Waleed has not only betrayed his father’s cause, but has also jeopardized entire Kashmiri cause. He has out of his greed sacrificed blood of Jehadis, fighting for Kashmiri cause. Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, Waleeds father, is aware of this endeavor by his son, however, he fears his sons loss.
SF’s strategy working well
In April 2013, police nabbed a top LeT militant Qari Naved alias Fahadullah. It is still not clear if it was surrender or police apprehended him but his arrest led to almost winding up of militancy from Sopore town. At that time, the police said Fahadullah was sending local youths to Pakistan for advanced arms and training. This seemed to have worked well in case of Pandit too.

It is for the young boys of Kashmir to not play into the hands of such war lords (all chiefs of militant outfits) who have kept their kin’s safe and left the common Kashmiri’s son to bleed.

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